1. Promotion of Peace through Interfaith Dialogue.
2. Elimination of religious discrimination with minorities.
3. Promotion of religious tolerance and acceptance.
4. Promotion of Self-employment through sustainable Income generating programs by cooperative & micro-finance schemes.
5. Empowering the women by extending awareness of equal rights and promoting entrepreneurship.
6. Provision of basic health facilities to neglected areas.
7. Employable skills development through vocational training and technical education.
8. Provision of advocacy and counseling to oppressed and marginalized segment of the society.
9. Provision of activity based trainings and modern teaching methods to teachers.
10. Eradication of child labour and establishment of non-formal school system for drop-outs.
11. Bridging the gap between Parent-teacher-student by enhancing coordination.
12. To promote positive and constructive activities in youth.
13. To arrange the development schemes of Agriculture and Livestock Productivity for rural area.
14. Rehabilitation of prisoners by providing counseling and mentoring.